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Firm Overview

Educating and Empowering Washington Families

For almost 40 years, we have helped clients in Kirkland and throughout the Greater East Side resolve a variety of legal issues that commonly affect families, ranging from estate planning to divorce to adoption. We help you to make informed decisions and guide you to a positive resolution.

Let us provide the support you need. Call 425-658-5283 or contact us online to schedule a free half hour consultation in our Kirkland office.

Having practiced in the Kirkland area for over three decades, we have guided multiple generations of families.

Our practice revolves around helping you and your family. Forthright and candid, we will help you make the important decisions that directly affect your family's well-being.

Empowering Our Clients

When you understand your legal rights and how your situation fits within Washington's system, you can make the right decision about how to proceed. We will help you determine which approach is best in your situation.

Striving to minimize the likelihood of future conflicts, we often recommend alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. However, sometimes aggressive litigation is best. Our attorneys will arm you with the information you need to decide how best to resolve your legal issue.

Helping You Navigate the Washington Legal System

Whether you are adopting a child, planning for the future or you need to administer a loved one's estate in probate, we will provide the honest, affordable legal representation you need. Call 425-658-5283 or contact us online to schedule a free half hour consultation with experienced Kirkland lawyers.